Richard Westbrook is our guest on LHRL #50. Having fallen out of shape, experienced the pleasure of both natural aging along with a back surgery, he was unable to do one push-up, sit-up, and a pull-up was a “pipe dream”. Despite doctors telling him that he would never run again, Richard decided to try CrossFit and found enough courage and strength to go out and run a mile.

The rest is history. Below is some of Richard’s accomplishments:

Richard Westbrook Age: 64 (9/9/52)

Started Crossfit, April 2011.
Weighed almost 200#, couldn’t do a situp, pushup, or pullup. Couldn’t have run to the mailbox. Switched to Paleo Diet in August and lost 20# in 20 days. (Nutritional ketosis since early 2012.) Decided to tempt fate by running 1 mile for time – 8:04; repeated two weeks later 8:01.
Called former client (National class Master’s Swimmer) to get him to try Crossfit; he politely declined and suggested I run in the TN Senior Olympics. That was a “Ha-Ha!” moment.

Rarely do Crossfit these days. Weight train for sprinting 3x week. Sprint train 3-5x week.

Competitions & Results

Tennessee Senior Games, State Championships, 60-64yo

400 Meters
Gold (3),
Silver (1),
Bronze (1)
* All-American standard

2012, 2013, 2015 2016

200 Meters
Gold (1) 2015

800 Meters
(4th once) 2014. “Never again.”

National Senior Games

2013 Cleveland, OH 2015 St Paul, MN 2017 Birmingham, AL * All-American standard

Tore plantar tendon at 200m; finished, but no Finals Qualified for Finals* & placed 5th *.

Best 400 meters in competition: 1:04.19 (2015 National Senior Games, prelims.) Best 200 meters in competition: 28.97 (2105, Memphis District meet)
Best 100 meters in competition: 13.41 (2015, Memphis District meet)
Best 50 meters in competition: 7.37 (2016, Memphis District meet)

Competitions by year:


06/22/13 07/28/13

06/21/14 06/22/14

06/20/15 06/21/15

07/12/15 07/13/15


TSO, Franklin 400m, 1.05.96 1st

TSO, Franklin 400m, 1:06.61 1st
2013 Senior National Games, Cleveland, Tore the left PF @ 200m; 1:31.

TSO, Franklin 400m, 1:04.92; 3rd USATF AA standard!
TSO, Franklin 800m, 2:43.27; 4th Qualified for 2015 Nationals.

TSO, Franklin 400m, 1:06.06; 1st TSO, Franklin 200m, 29.75 1st

NSG St Thomas Track, St Paul, MN. Prelims. 1:04.19 (PR) Qualified 2nd (of 8) NSG St Thomas Track, St Paul, MN. Finals 1:04.30 5th Place

TSO Franklin 400m, 1:07.7 2nd tweaked L ham at 320m

Misc. Weight lifting benchmarks

Dead Lift
1RM 275
1RM 300 (hexbar)

Back Squat 1RM 275

Bench Press 1RM 205

5/2016 9/2016

4/2017 12/2016