Gary Owens

45 years old
5’10”, 225 lbs
In 2008 while I was smoking a cigarette and doing absolutely zero exercise I watched my sister-in-law do the NYC Triathlon.  Decided in Central Park that the next year that would be me in the race.  So in 2009 I not only quit the smokes but also did the NYC Triathlon in 3:22:07.
Half Marathon PR 1:58:39 St. Jude 2011
Marathon PR 5:05:37 St. Jude 2012
50k PR 8:04:49 Stanky Creek 2017
50 Mile PR 12:48:54 Tunnel Hill 2017 (Thank you Wilson, Sean, Von and Cory for convincing me to do it!)
Deadlift 455
Back Squat 326
Front Squat 253
Power Clean 185
Snatch 132
Push Press 171