Randy Tuck is a 33-year-old¬†endurance coach at True Peak CrossFit in Manchester, NH. He is 5’4″ and 170lbs. Randy is an Altra shoe ambassador, Ragnar Trail Warrior for the New England market. Most importantly, Randy is a bourbon snob and all-around jackass.
We are proud of Randy and his accomplishments!
5k PR: 22:30 Holy Grail 5k 2012
Half marathon PR: 1:48 Manchester half Marathon  2013
Marathon: Disney Goofy Challenge 2013: 5:42 (Day after the half marathon and they had a roller coaster)
50k: Pineland Trail Festival 2016: 6:43 (55k)
50 mile: Pineland Trail Festival 2017: 12:27
Top 50 Tough Mudder New England 2013
Deadlift: 405
Back Squat: 315
Bench Press: 265
Push Press: 215
Snatch: 145
Clean and Jerk: 205
Clean: 205
Fran: 5:34