I was perfectly happy in my fitness pursuits until I ran across the LHRL podcast in June 2017. My deadlift was perfectly content at 330 and by distance PR of a single 50k voiced no complaints about never running farther until I heard about this 50-400 club. Knowing I’m normally better off when I have a goal to work on I ordered the deadlift program in June and by August I hit and have held the 400lb deadlift mark. That 50 miler seemed a little out of reach but the continuous indoctrination from the podcast and BLOG posts kept me training until I successfully complete the Prairie Spirit Trial 50 miler on March 24th, 2018. I turn 50 this summer so it seemed appropriate to mark this current season of life with 50 miles of the sport I love sometimes and tolerate the rest of the time. I’m not kidding when I say these two milestones all came from the LHRL community and its authentic leaders and spokespeople. Keep up the great work!!!

Mile 6:17

5k 21:59

Half Marathon 1:44

Marathon 4:10 (Marathons are stupid)

50k 5:35

50 Mile 9:40:33


Sprint Triathlon 1:09

Duathlon National Qualifier 2016


Deadlift 400

Bench Press 240

Back Squat 295

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