Amanda Horrell is a 36 year old mother of two, native Chattanoogan, avid crossfitter and runner. She started running and crossfitting 3 & 1⁄2 years ago with the initial goal of losing weight and making friends in a new town. Over the past 3 years, Amanda has consistently crossfit and run, constantly pushing herself and her goals. She recently deadlifted 315 pounds, officially entering her into the LHRL 50/300 club.  This has been a goal of hers since completing her first 50 mile race almost 2 years ago. She now faces her second 50 mile race in three weeks. Earlier this year, she earned her L-1 Crossfit Trainer certificate and enjoys coaching at her gym, Olive Branch CrossFit. She loves heavy lifiting and has now upped her deadlift goal to 400 pounds. Her favorite movement is the power clean with a current PR of 155 pounds with a goal of 180 pounds. Her current 5K PR is 29:31:12 and she is super proud of that. She always says she is slow but steady when it comes to running. Dropping below a 30 minute 5K was a huge achievement for her.