Being asked to write a short bio is like a short walk down a long trail. How could I possibly brush past everything I might have seen along the way? Instead I need to acknowledge the people the that put me on and keep me on the path. The love of my life Gina. She keeps me in line and pointed in the right direction. My boys Will and Henry. I love these two so much more each day. My teachers Chris S., Ralph M., Larry L. and so many more humans I travel the broad highway with each day. My work family Andy, Spencer, Corey, Justin, Casey, Shawn, and now Al, Roy, Mark, Michael, Fee, Johnnie, Jordan, Brandon, and Michael. My fitness folks Everyone at Hit & Run Downtown and Midtown. Especially, Justin, The McGoldricks, Hunter, Big Dave, Coach Matt, Diamond Jim, Brennan, The Lashers, and all the rest of the people working to get better each day. Finally, my Mom, Dad, and Little Sister (Anne Marie). I’m convinced without you I would’ve been lost long ago.  I heard something on CBS Sunday morning while watching a John McEnroe piece, “As long as you live life will teach you how to live it” or something like that, thank you.

Be Well,