On Episode #60 of the Lift Heavy Run Long Podcast we featured the owners of Memphis Health + Fitness Magazine, Amy Goode and Hailey Thomas.

When Amy is not beating the streets looking for the next fitness craze, she enjoys running, cycling, and swimming, and is always on the lookout for the best cheat meal. Sharing inspiring fitness stories encourages her to stay healthy.

Hailey has been running over half her life – fortunately not from the law! She has run marathons and half-marathons in Dublin, NYC, LA, Anchorage, Seattle, Red Woods, Big Sur, New Orleans, Sylamore 25K, Shelby Farms 50K and Memphis (6 times). Trails are her new love along with interviewing Weekend Warriors with the same passion for fitness.

It was nice to record with these very successful, yet very down-to-earth, and very entertaining women. Their publication, Memphis Health + Fitness features everyday people who try to lead active lifestyles, which is exactly the kind of people that we enjoy speaking with at Lift Heavy Run Long. I am sure you will enjoy it. Check it out!

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,