This week on the Lift Heavy Run Long® Podcast it was just the hosts. Everybody’s favorite cameraman, “Keto” Chris Perry, has been lining us up with some unbelievable guests over the past few months. We decided that it would be fun to take a break, sit back, and enjoy one another’s company for an episode.

We talk about everything from miscalculated marathons, upcoming races like the Sylamore 25K/50K and Tunnel Hill 50Mile/100Mile race.  We talk about my being referred to as an “ass-hat” by a Lift Heavy Run Long reader, and we congratulate Amanda on her accomplishing her goal of running a 50Mile race and deadlifting 300 pounds. We also veer off into some random hypothetical scenarios. As usual, nothing is too serious and we just have a good time.

This podcast is so important to me, on so many levels. I really appreciate you, as a listener, tuning in and being so supportive. I also appreciate the hosts who put up with me and continue to be willing to record every week. It is a real commitment to making time outside of work and family to put this thing on, and I appreciate all of you who participate and encourage.

Let’s make it a great day!

Enjoy the show.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,