Throughout college, Lisa Smith was a heavier and not at all fit. She got into running by the end of college, starting losing weight, and the snowball of fitness that is now her life started rolling.
Over the next few years, she completed numerous short distance races and eventually took on the St. Jude Marathon. She met her boyfriend who got her into GORUCK challenges and ultra running. She completed a 50 miler, got into triathlons, especially XTERRAs, with the goals of completing an Ironman, XTERRA National Championships and running a 100-miler, although those goals never came to fruition.
She realized that health and fitness are where her passions lie and completed her MS in Health and Exercises Sciences at the U of M.  During that time is when she found Olympic weightlifting. She had been doing the stereotypical type of lifting for several years but decided to try out Olympic style during summer of last year. She went to training hesitantly a few times and was immediately hooked.
She’s now the current director of Iron Tigers Weightlifting team (, the CEO of the upcoming nonprofit Memphis Weightlifting Foundation, which is focused on youth and community outreach and supporting all Memphis & surrounding area lifters.
Beyond her passion for Olympic weightlifting, she’s also a personal trainer and the owner of Healthy Women 901 (, a women’s focused health, fitness, and wellness blog and info site. It’s dedicated to connecting women of Memphis & surrounding areas to events and groups in the areas, to offering education about all things health, fitness, and wellness, and to creating a community of women to support one another in their various goals.  She plans to offer training plans, webinars, and much more on the site. So make sure you subscribe to take advantage of all she has to offer!
Next on her never-ending list of agenda is to complete her nursing degree. Her long-term goal is to open a large facility that incorporates everything she is working on, and include medical types of therapies such as for PCOS, diabetes, arthritis, and more.