This week on Lift Heavy Run Long® we sit down with a friend who has a unique perspective on the sport of trail running. Lorrie Williams, who has a unique bond with damn near everybody who has ever had a blister while running on a trail, has come to be known as The Queen of Crew. Lorrie, having a hatred for running herself, has found a spot for herself in the trail running community by helping to care for the needs of participants in ultra races as they stumble into aid stations, virtually unable to take care of themselves.

Those who have been under Lorrie’s care, speak of her as if she is some sort of mythical character who just sort of popped-up, changed their clothes, fed them, took care of their ailments, and then promptly and assertively kicked their asses out of the chair and forced them to get back to work.

To know Lorrie is to have an ally. She sincerely wishes the best for all the participants in the endurance races and knows that there is generally more at stake, on a personal level, than meets the eye. She is a gift to the trail and ultra community and whether you run a seven-minute mile or seventeen, she is willing to do whatever she can to help you have your best experience at a trail or ultra event.

Lorrie Williams is a native of Midtown Memphis but has called Germantown TN home for the last 20 years. She is a Stay at Home Wife and Mom of one motivated Ultra Trail Running husband and two ridiculously athletic children. She has been a jack of all trades, including bartender, ballet teacher, yoga assistant and was last gainfully employed as a Certified Dental Assistant. She enjoys yoga and writing; tolerates finding dirty socks in between couch cushions and cleaning up dog vomit.

She is an unabashed history nerd and passionately bores her family with historical trivia about whatever she happens to be reading at the moment.

Nicknames include “Running Anti Christ” and “Bad Ass Crew Chief”.

She collects random injured animals as her side hustle.