Alex Maclin is an Olympic Weightlifter, coach, and digital marketer from Memphis, TN. Alex began his fitness journey with CrossFit back in 2010, stepping into the gym of Mike Bledsoe and Doug Larson, now of Barbell Shrugged.

Shortly after beginning CrossFit, Alex started competing in Olympic Weightlifting and has lifted in several national-level competitions since 2012 including University Nationals, the American Open, and the American Open series.

A passionate coach and teacher of the Olympic lifts, Alex created an online technique training course for Olympic Weightlifting, FLIGHT School, and has remotely coached Olympic Weightlifting to well over 1000 athletes in the FLIGHT and Muscle Gain Challenge programs. As a Precision Nutrition certified coach, Alex is dedicated to helping others reach their fitness and health goals as well as understand, develop and practice habits to build a sustainable lifestyle based on solid nutrition principles rather than fad diets and quick fixes.

Being introduced to digital marketing during his career as a marketing manager and director at Barbell Shrugged, Alex has now teamed up with Travis Mash and Mash Elite Performance to help the Mash Elite team reach new growth through content, email, paid traffic, and social media. You can find Alex mostly on Instagram at @alexqmaclin and as of winter 2017, co-hosting The Barbell Life Podcast alongside Travis Mash and Loren Pinilis.