Blake Mashour is a certified athletic trainer by trade and currently studying nursing in Memphis, TN. Blake has been active his entire life but hit a peak of 300 lbs during his senior year of college in 2011. Through the support of family and friends, he learned how to begin his fitness journey that changed his life. He eventually lost 100 pounds over five years and has been able to maintain to keep most of that off.

He would periodically workout while attending Union University, but nothing ever stuck. Upon graduation, he moved to Union City, TN where he did not know anyone. After learning his dad was going to start a healthier eating program, Blake decided to join on board to support his dad from 2 hours away. While working on his nutrition, the football coaches he worked with encouraged him to start running and participating in the Insanity workouts with the high school team he was covering. Weight started dropping because it is easy to change your life while you do not know anyone in a small town.

Blake enjoys spending any time he can with his wife and their friends. He is currently an active member of F3 (Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith) in Memphis and teaches fitness kickboxing for Total Fitness Kickboxing around the city. He hopes that he can encourage people to take control of their habits and make simple substitutions to get the ball rolling in other peoples’ lives. Whether it is running, boot camps, lifting weights, kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, or even tennis, he wants to encourage people to get moving and take small steps.