Jordan Carpenter is a husband, father of two, and an attorney in Memphis, Tennessee. He spent six years in the U.S. Army as a psychological operations specialist, deploying to Afghanistan in 2008 and to Iraq in 2009. He is a graduate of the University of Alabama and Vermont Law School. After a few years of binging on craft beer, cheddar, and Ben & Jerry’s in Vermont, he started to take fitness seriously again after finding F3 while living in Knoxville, Tennessee. Career moves took him first to Chattanooga then to Memphis, and he helped launch F3 in both of those cities.

Since August of last year, F3 Memphis has grown to include 20 workouts at 9 different locations, six days per week. Known as “Gus” within F3, Jordan is the Nantan (or Regional leader) who is responsible for the outcome of the Organization as a whole.

His favorite activities, ranked:
1) F3 workouts
2) Running
3) Rucking
4) GORUCKing
… 1,923) Bear crawling