I have had more fun with this podcast, or vodcast, or whatever the hell you want to call it. It has been worth some good laughs and nice to get to share some neat experiences. If you have ever wondered how many YouTube subscribers you need before your phone starts ringing off the hook with sponsorship opportunities, well the answer is….more than 12. Contrary to my belief, there has not been any contracts, sponsorship, syndication, nor production offers for the LHRL Podcast, but we will continue trudging along. We weren’t able to record last week due to weather and sick kids, and our fan (singular) was outraged. We were hopefully able to make it up to him with our episode this week. On this episode we bounce around topics from weather, to sugar binges, to the CrossFit Open, the MS 50-miler, and we lightly touch on our upcoming episode which will include a special guest. We are so excited about that. Like SUPER EXCITED! We have a top notch guest who is gonna bring a ton of fun, but even more equipped with some serious knowledge and has had some really neat experiences. We will have more on that as we nail down a time. Anyways, I really do appreciate those of you who have supported our endeavor, and have taken the time to watch the show or buy some merchandise. I am truly having the time of my life promoting Lift Heavy Run Long, and everyday I grow more excited about watching it take shape. Y’all click subscribe, post a comment, a question, or give some advice. We love hearing from you. Have an awesome day, and we hope to see you again next Thursday!

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,