Paul DeAngelis has dedicated his life to the education and advancement of health, wellness and most of all performance in every aspect of life. He has made training and education paramount in his mandate for highest achievements.

Paul began coaching over 20 years ago because he passionately believed in the life-changing benefits of his philosophy. His goal as a coach is to inspire individuals with his methodology introduced in this site, because it is perfect for individuals of all ages and abilities.

Paul DeAngelis is the founder of Total Balance Fitness audio (est. 1997) and the Total Balance Training Method.

Paul has taught and lectured, as a CrossFit Headquarters Subject Matter Expert, to thousands of people worldwide traveling the world to train athletes and coaches about proper mechanics, nutrition, mobility, injury prevention and programming.

Paul is also an accomplished Mountain Guide and founded Mountain Climbing Adventures in 2002. He has experience in leading and managing in the most difficult environments. He has an uncanny ability to motivate diverse groups and implement positive changes. This includes guiding on mountains in the Himalaya‘s (including Everest), the Andes, The Alps, The Rockies and Africa (including the Atlas Mountains).

Never one to rest on his laurels or become complacent in his endeavours, Paul consistently add designations to his name and  has adapted many disciplines to ensure he can bring elite level coaching to his students. 

Paul is always a pleasure to speak with and his laid-back approach to life is, at the very least, refreshing. I can learn a lot from a guy like Paul DeAngelis.