Something we will improve upon

Read this article:

It’s pretty great, and I am terrible about getting my identity involved and I’m going to try to focus on that a lot more:

“Here’s the problem with using the word “change:” it gets your identity involved. And when you get your identity involved, you become really emotionally attached to imaginary things. You throw fits and beat yourself up and blame others and decide that you are, in fact, a worthless piece of shit who has no hope in this world.”

Source of motivation

The LHRL App! I’m using our app to train for the Sylamore 50K, and have been spending more time with our app. It’s a lot of fun to be in the app chat and to see people posting up their results. That’s been super motivating for me the last couple of weeks.

Weekly Training Progress & Goals

Things are going very well with training. I’ve stuck to the runs and even got in two workouts in one day last week! Although I am currently sitting on my couch typing this and trying to figure out how I’m going to fit in a 13 mile run this weekend!

Weekly Nutrition Progress & Goals

I may just start a petition to remove this portion of the check in! Seriously, nothing exciting to say about nutrition really. I’m honestly more focused on getting my workouts and training in.

Life obstacle

I’m still working on this organization and structure thing. I think I’ve been too focused on routine and trying to force myself into doing the same thing every day, but I’m learning that some days are going to be different than others. Some days I’ll have to go to the gym at a different time than other days. Routine worked really well for me when I was first starting out, but now I think I’m going to have to learn to be flexible and roll with whatever the day brings.

Life victory

I’m doing very well with my calendar and reminders. I’ve started trying to pay attention to things that I do every day and put them all in the calendar. Anything that’s a daily task gets added as a reminder so that I can make sure it gets done every day. It’s been working out pretty well.

Something we are grateful for

I’m grateful for my kids today. Right now we are driving to Nashville to take my youngest daughter to the American Girl Doll store in Nashville, TN. I’m grateful that we are able to make little trips like this.

Something we learned from podcast guest

This week we did another podcast with just the hosts. It’s so much fun when we do those. I’m not sure if listeners like them as much, but they really are some of our favorite episodes. Everyone except me just ran the Tunnel Hill 50 miler the week before so we talked a lot about that. We talked a lot about training, and I realized that I really do want to focus on running and try to do really well at the Sylamore 50k in February. I’d love to bust 6 hours, and that’s what my goal is going to be.