Something to improve upon

Being in the moment. My friend Brian told me this week, “I’m just trying to get better at being in the moment…” That stuck with me. It took me back to an epiphany I had a few years ago. Here’s a little back story, when I first started working for my sister as a “personal assistant” I was helping her clean the bar they owned, I was doing the task of cleaning one of the men’s toilet where there was dried chunks of puke on the rim. Two things I can’t handle by the way. Anyway my only cleaning utensil was a rag and while squirmishly trying to scrub it off, the corner of the rag sloshed in the water and splashed me in my face. Eeeewwwweeee. And while a million things could’ve went thru my mind, what came to me was, this won’t last forever. It’s about to be over. And I really came to believe that yes this too shall pass, but when I’m in the middle of something – just be in it. If it really sucks, thank God, it won’t always suck. And if it’s an awesome moment with some of my favorite people or the epic moment I slide into bed after a long day, I just need to take a minute and soak it in because it’s about to be over too. Which is where I came to my motto: Enjoy the Now. I soon after had it tattooed on my shoulder… Not because I was good at it, but because I needed the reminder. And Brian reminded me again. Sometimes I’m ok at it… And while the winter months are usually hard for me, I’m not wishing them to pass as fast as possible any more. I’m really going to try to ENJOY THE NOW.

Source of motivation

This last Saturday, I participated in the St. Jude Marathon weekend. I was able to finally meet several of the people in the LHRL community that I interact with daily. Finally putting real live faces on the names I see on the book of faces. So warm and welcoming, I cannot express how much I truly love this tribe. But a lot of inspiration comes from the marathon runners. There was several running their first full marathons, and some had done it consistently years in a row. While I never have this desire to do for myself, it still impresses me.

Weekly training progress & goals

I’m currently still chipping away at the LHRL app 50k program. Because a 50k sounds so much better than a marathon. I’m so happy with the schedule that I’ve been able to maintain in keeping up with at least the weekly interval training. Sometimes my weekend goals have made meeting my weekend long runs just a little off, but I’m still pleased in how it’s going. One day at a time, I cross that bridge when I come to it and in most cases I’ve been able to cross it.

Weekly Nutrition Progress & Goals

I love how people have suggested books in the Facebook community. I have already read two and on to my 3rd which is Primal Endurance (becoming a fat burning machine). So I’m trying to implement some things from this book. Lowering carb intake: mainly sugar. And just focusing on eating more nutrient dense foods. So far so good. Day one: check.

Life Obstacle

In my last update I spoke about dealing with the loss of my mother. The thing that killed her was breast cancer. It’s been at the top of my fear list for years. But I started early and started getting check ups in my early 30’s. After two first cousins recently was diagnosed, I decided to take a bigger step into the early detection process. So I did. And whatever they found, I’m in the process of biopsies, more imaging, ECT. So while I’m determined not to live my life in fear, my ‘in the moment perspective’ is, it’s early and I have so many people that would drop anything in a second for a moment to help me thru a discouraging day. So far, I haven’t had too many. Because you all help me think of you. Not me. And I’d much rather think about how awesome you all are.

Life Victory

i have passed my one year anniversary of running. Like really running. Getting more involved in community and getting out of my comfort zone has just completely blown me away. I never really thought of myself as a “joiner”. And here I am a part of. I’m so excited to see what this next year off running has in store. Starting the new year with a trail race, another first: is so exciting.

Something I’m grateful for

I’m incredibly grateful that I get to have a job that I enjoy so much. I am still working as my sister’s personal assistant, in the role of managing her bar/restaurant/live music venue. I have fun at my job, and it gives me such Joy to take that off her load. Most days fly by in a flash. And I’m so thankful for that.

I learned this week

I’m learning about my genealogy. I got a 23andme test done and it’s sparked all kinds of interest in my lineage. I’m looking on line about grave stones and birth/death dates. Origins of settlers and so on. I’m really nerding out on this stuff. And I can’t wait to learn more. One tid bit was my great great Uncle lived in Tombstone, AZ next door to Wyatt Earp and his family in the 1860’s. How cool.