Something we will improve upon

Alright! I’m super pumped about all the opportunity to improve. Seriously, that probably sounds weird. I’m doing very well with the meditation app, and it works wonders. However, for whatever reason I just fell apart last night. I was grumpy and mean to everyone. I don’t really even know why. Just one of those days I guess. Maybe I need to hit that meditation app a couple times a day! So this week I’m really going to pay attention to my evening routine. Try to stay off the computer and enjoy some time at home with the family.

RomWod is not really consistent. It’s been hard to fit it in, but I’m still doing it just not every single day.

Source of motivation

Holy smokes! The motivation this week comes directly from the crew we had at the Stanky Creek 50K! Dig this picture:

What an amazing and inspirational day! I got to hang out and support everyone that came through our tent and meet a bunch more awesome people. It really was incredible, and just really got me stoked to spread the LHRL love and more importantly for the Big Hill Pond adventure we have coming up.

Also, check this out:

How motivating is that!!??

Weekly Training Progress & Goals

Training is going pretty well. I’m remaining consistent, and I’m super happy about that. Today was squat day, and I hit all the percentages recommended that were based on our 1 rep max. I worked off 340lbs even though I’m not sure I could squat that much right now. It’s been a minute since I was consistent on a good squat program. Anyway, I nailed all those lifts this morning so that felt really good. I even got out my lifters that I haven’t gotten out in probably almost a year. Onward and upward.

I have a couple of runs this week. A 5K on Saturday and a 10K on Sunday. So I’m looking forward to those.

Weekly Nutrition Progress & Goals

Great! Last week I was pretty discouraged with myself. This week, I’m owning it. Weighed in at 193 this morning. That’s 6 pounds lighter than last week. I’ve cut a TON of junk out. No candy/sugar, drinking just water and coffee (no diet soda at all). I’ve brought my food for the day and not ordered lunch in at least a week. Meals are usually boiled eggs for breakfast then whatever leftovers we had the night before. Hamburgers (No buns), Chicken, Veggies, etc. the rest of the day. I’m feeling super pumped about this. I’m back on track. 🙂

Life obstacle

I talked about owning up to accomplishments last week. I’m working on celebrating them instead of just brushing them off as no big deal. I am really doing much better with this and it has really improved my daily experience and interactions with others.  I’ll continue this week and going forward, and I’m going to throw in an attitude check daily to make sure that I’m treating people well and enjoying all of my experiences.

Life victory

The big victory for me this week is the nutrition. I have eaten SO terrible for probably the last year. It’s really a surprise that I’m not over 250lbs. Seriously. To have a decent (not perfect) clean week in the books and to see and feel results is a great feeling.

Oh, also, I finally recorded another vlog episode! Also super stoked about that.  I’m working hard on doing one at least once a week.

Something we are grateful for

I’m grateful for my gym, Olive Branch CrossFit. All of the people there are awesome of course, but I’m also grateful just to have access to it and to be able to have such a great place to workout. It really is an awesome facility, and I’m grateful that we’ve been in business for 5 years.

Something we learned from podcast guest

This week it was just the hosts, we didn’t have a guest. These episodes are a lot of fun. We talked a lot about races that we have coming up and why we sign up for these things. There are so many great experiences and lessons to learn out there in the woods on a good long run. If you haven’t experienced it you can’t really know what it’s like. It’s magical. Is it hard? Yes, but the harder the better. The beauty of it is that for someone else it may be something completely different. No matter what your experience is out there on a  good long trail run, you’re going to learn at least one important lesson so get out there and do it!