Something we will improve upon

What a week. I need to be mindful of the things I say before I say them. Sometimes things just come out of my mouth without me processing what they mean. I think someone said this about Elon Musk when he was doing the famous Joe Rogan podcast (you know the one I’m sure).  That he is so smart he just takes a long time to process everything he says before he says it. I need to really work on that and also need to work on just having meaningful conversations with people.

Source of motivation

Slimming down! I’m still too fat and feel like I look like a fat idiot, but I’m losing fat and it’s making me feel more confident. Did I mention that medium NIN t-shirt I bought at the concert? I’m gonna wear it soon. Goodbye muffin top!

Weekly Training Progress & Goals

Training is good. Not great but consistent. We’ve started a new program at our gym this week so I’m hoping that we’re going to have some good strength and conditioning going forward. Also I suppose I need to run more. I’m running a marathon in December…I’m also trying to raise $3000 so if you want to donate to St. Jude go here: Do you even watch my vlog?

Weekly Nutrition Progress & Goals

So I’ve made some big changes and I’ve stuck to them probably 90% and I’m super stoked about that. No candy bowl at work. No lunch orders from the restaurants (except yesterday when I ordered fajitas and just ate the meat/veggies). It’s really not that hard if you’re prepared. Just plan it out at the beginning of the week.

Life obstacle

Being present for my family. I have some really cool people around me at my house. I’m sure you have seen them on my insta. I just don’t spend enough time with them, and I really need to focus on them more. Even as I type this, I’m like…”Why am I on the computer still?” Next week I want to tell you a story about how I spent more time with everyone here in my family. 🙂 Accountability.

Life victory

I did something different this week that I haven’t done in a very long time. That is invite one of my real life friends inside my real, personal life. I know that sounds kind of odd. Outside of my wife and kids, I don’t have a lot of friends that I hang out with like…in a “here we are right in my real life” kinda way if that makes any sense at all. My friend Brian aka “ThirstyRunner” went to my in-laws place on the Tennessee River this weekend and camped out. It was a ton of fun, but it was most fun to just have a friend there hanging out. I’m not sure I can really explain the feeling, but it’s awesome. I need to hang out with more people in that kind of setting.

Something we are grateful for

I am grateful for podcasts and podcasting! I love podcasts and I love our podcast. Please go listen if you don’t already. I feel like it’s a lot of fun!

Something we learned from podcast guest

I feel like millennials get a bad rap…or is it wrap? I work with a lot of them at an ad agency and let me tell you, all the ones I work with are pretty motivated and badass. Our guest this week is no less than that. This girl is running her own nutrition/coaching business and is just all around super inspiring. I think I really learned this week that we tend to judge people by their age, social status or whatever but everyone is a contender these days.