Something we will improve upon

I’d like to pay attention to helping people a little more. I mean look for opportunities to help people improve. Either inside or outside of the gym. It hit me this week that there is a lot of knowledge that I could share with people, but I rarely take advantage of opportunities to share that knowledge. I default to just keeping to myself. I think what I may do is make a weekly goal to spark a change in at least one person intentionally. I’ll let you know how that goes next week. 🙂

Source of motivation

CrossFit is my motivation this week. Big time. Training consistently is such a big deal. We started a new training program at OBCF last week, and on top of me working out consistently I’m feeling super motivated. It’s so crazy to me that I can get up at 5:30AM, go train at the gym, and I’ll feel better all day long than I do when I sleep in until 7AM.

Weekly Training Progress & Goals

Two words. Crushing it! One workout stuck in my head this week. It was:

Wallballs (20/14)
Calorie Row
200 Meter Run*

*After Each Round. 5 Total Runs.

I finished in 19 minutes flat. Was able to butterfly all the pullups which helps a ton with time. The first set of 21 pullups was unbroken. It really reminded me how fun this CrossFit thing can be. It felt great. I use to be WAY better at CrossFit than I am now. At least in my head I think so. I think one of my goals over the next few months is to just get back into shape where my times are consistently near the top of the leaderboard.

Weekly Nutrition Progress & Goals

Hanging in there. I’m just paying attention to what I’m eating and trying to make good decisions. Halloween candy is starting to sneak in, but it’s not cramping my style or anything. I’m hovering around 194/196lbs. Although the weight isn’t going down, I think I’m getting a little leaner. I suppose I should start measuring body fat, but I just don’t really care that much I don’t guess. I did wear my size medium Nine Inch Nails shirt I bought at the concert last month and I wasn’t embarrassed to wear it. I got clearance from my wife that it fit well enough to wear. So that’s a victory no matter what the scale says!

Life obstacle

I’ve been thinking a lot about trying to stay out of my own way, and keeping the negativity out of my head. There’s a book I’m re-reading right now (I don’t think I was ready to understand it when I first read it) called Breaking the Habit of being yourself: How to lose your mind and create a new one ( Here’s a quote from that book:

“If your intentions and desires haven’t produced consistent results, you’ve probably been sending an incoherent, mixed message into the field. You may want wealth, and you may think “wealthy” thoughts, but if you FEEL poor, you aren’t going to attract financial abundance to yourself.”

I say it a lot, but your mindset really makes a difference. It’s not easy to work on (especially in your 40’s) but it’s super important to work on it.

As I get through this book, I’ll likely be writing a little more on this kind of topic.

Life victory

I went with my Son and played legit paintball last weekend. One of the Moms in his class organized a “Father vs. Son” outing to the local paintball park, and we went. Honestly, at first, I didn’t want to go. I thought it would be silly. It would have been easy to miss. “Big Thirsty” was having a Memorial WoD for his wife Carol at the gym and I would need to do that workout for sure. So the opportunity arose to go do the memorial workout with Brian early that morning so I did that and then went to the paintball outing.

Holy crap was it fun! Just so you know, the Fathers lit the Sons up big time. A week later I’m still thinking about how much fun it was. I don’t think I spend enough time just getting out and doing stuff just for fun. I need more stuff like that in my life.

Something we are grateful for

I posted this on instagram last night, but I’m super grateful for the job that I have. My full time gig is working as a Web Developer for an ad agency here in Memphis called Inferno. It’s a really awesome place to work. Yesterday my daughter woke up throwing up, and had to stay home from school. My wife had somewhere to be for her work, so I just worked remotely all day. Not everyone has that ability, so I’m very grateful to have that option when I need it.

Something we learned from podcast guest

I missed a podcast week so I’ll catch you up on two of them this week. We had Scott Hollis on to talk about the Daily Dumbbell last week, and we had Charlie Graham on to talk about running, yoga and addiction. Both episodes are great, so if you haven’t listened to them please go check those out (iTunes link).

Last night we got into a conversation about what you’re putting out there in the world and what people think of you. This is definitely something to think about. How do people perceive you, and how do you want people to perceive you? Why do people think the things that they do about you? All really interesting questions. Not really something I learned from the podcast, but it has definitely sparked some good introspection on my part.