Something we will improve upon

Strength work. It’s been way too long since I’ve been on a legit strength cycle on top of CrossFit. I don’t think I’ve lost too much strength, but I’m ready to put in some heavy lifting. We’ll be starting a new program at my gym on October 1 that will have a nice strength component to it so I’m stoked to get on board that train.

Source of motivation

My daughter, Abbi. She came to the live feed of the podcast this week, and I thought that was really cool that she wanted to do that. It got me super excited.

Weekly Training Progress & Goals

Crushed those two runs. Ran the 5k by myself at 22:43 or something around there. Watch my vlog I talk about it. Wasn’t super trying hard, but I pushed a little bit. Felt good. Ran the 10K on Sunday and we did better than the last 10K. Last race we ran 11:08 pace, and this time we ran a 11:01 pace. Just dancing around that sub 11 pace. 🙂

Weekly Nutrition Progress & Goals

In the grand scheme of things, I’m crushing it. Not counting macros or any of that new shit everyone is doing, but not putting as much processed food, restaurant food, or sodas in my mouth as I have been over the last year and a half. I’m looking better and better every week I think so I’m happy.

Life obstacle

I’m still struggling a lot with things that I make up in my head that other people are expecting/thinking about and from me. I’ve gotten very good at recognizing it though, and I’m able to catch myself making irrational feelings pop up because of some story I’m making up in my head. It works in both good and bad ways. I’m trying to focus on what I think is cool and what I think sucks vs. what anyone else thinks about whatever I’m doing or not doing. I just need to do my own thing and not worry about anyone else.

Life victory

I seem to have somehow found this new perspective or outlook or mindset. I’m still trying to figure out where it came from, but all I know is you cannot stop me now. The seal is broken. I figured something out that I never was able to figure out before now. It’s truly amazing. I’ll fill you in when I think I have it figured out.

Something we are grateful for

Business partners. I could tell a long story about how I got where I am today and where my gym is and where Lift Heavy Run Long is…. Woof….lots of great stories, but the people who are here with me now are the best people I could hope for.

Something we learned from podcast guest

We got to talk to Seth McMurry on this week’s podcast. This guy was part of a YouTube channel that has 1.5 Million+ subscribers. Was living the internet famous life. Was talking about moving to Cali to pursue all of that. He decided him and his wife were more important and stayed here in Memphis. He started another business and is now killing that! Holy shit, that’s awesome. Many of us are so concerned about the likes and followers….it’s nice to see someone that had all that and just said, “you know what, I just wanna enjoy my wife and family.”