Ironman Stu Schulman

Easily, my favorite thing about doing this podcast is just the opportunity to connect with people, who I would otherwise not have the opportunity to meet. This week was no exception. We had the genuine pleasure in speaking with Mr. Stu Schulman, who is as authentic and kind, as he is athletic. We are fortunate that people like Stu will take time from their day and share with us a little bit about their personal journey.

Stu enjoys coaching, motivating and helping people. Currently an avid athlete and thrill seeker, Stu was once a model of unhealthy habits and lifestyle choices. Since he made the choice to commit himself to his personal belief system and goals – activities that many people labeled “impossible” or “unrealistic” for him to accomplish – Stu is now a 3-time IronMan Triathlon finisher, marathoner, and nutrition enthusiast.

A former business owner in his home town of Philadelphia, PA and successful pharmaceutical executive in Phoenix, Arizona, Stu is currently the Vice President of Provider Engagement with MOBE (pronounced mo-bee) and an Advisor to Healthware Technologies – two companies dedicated to helping people live healthier, happier lives. He now resides with his wife and two daughters in the Minneapolis, MN metropolitan area.

I think that you will find Stu’s story to be one of inspiration. He is a great guy and we really appreciate him taking the time to speak with us.