Getting to know people like Sam Turco is what makes my role at Lift Heavy Run Long a total dream job. I love speaking with good folks who just “get it” when it comes to fitness, running, and strength training. Sam is a friend of mine whom I recently met through the podcast, Ten Junk Miles. Sam is a self-described “average runner”….an average runner who has completed, marathons, 50k’s, 50-milers, a 100 miler, and is attempting a 150miler in the upcoming months!!
It was nice to listen to Sam’s humble approach to running and strength training, as her perspective is inspiring and encouraging to the so-called “average person”. Our hope is that Sam will motivate you the way that she did us. She keeps it simple and encourages everyone to just get out and move around- the rest will take care of itself.
You can find Sam at