“It becomes a strange situation when you find out that, statistically speaking, your spouse will probably not be around one year from now.”

These were the words of Brian Swanson. Brian is a man who I am fortunate enough to be able to proudly call a friend, but more importantly, he is an excellent teacher. Brian and his wife are living life while his beautiful, strong, and brave wife, Carol, battle stage IV cancer.

As a teacher, I have watched Brian inspire others through coaching CrossFit and giving of his time to help runners establish success. Nothing has meant more to me than watching Brian teach me how to honor a relationship, remain grateful in the face of adversity, and live life to the fullest.

On this week’s podcast we talk a little bit about everything, and spend most of the time just enjoying each others company, but in true Swanson fashion, Brian gracefully teaches us how to live a good life, when he has every reason to be bitter and down.

I challenge you to love the people around you the way that Brian adores Carol. I want to see you appreciate the good things that have been bestowed upon you, even when the news is far from ideal. I hope that you can cherish the moments, and be aware that the moments don’t last forever.

LHRL #41 has certainly opened my eyes to a lot of things. I am proud to have the Swanson’s as part of my life, and I appreciate the many lessons that he has taught and continues to teach me. Sending all the love and positive vibes in the Swanson direction.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,