Have you ever felt hopeless?

Don’t you hate the feeling of being sick, tired, overweight, insecure, and fatigued all the time?

I have some people that I would like for you to meet. Their names are Kelly and Lorgene Gilbert. Kelly and LorgeneĀ  are on a awesome and inspiring fitness journey. This week on the LHRL #45 we talk candidly with them about the changes they have made in their lives.

This was a lot of fun for me because Lorgene and I were childhood friends and went to school together all the way through High School. I’ve been following her progress on Facebook for a while, and have enjoyed watching her and her Husband start their CrossFit experience. In this podcast we talk about how they met and how they got started on their fitness journey. I hope that you are as inspired to listen to the show as we were to talk to them about it.

Enjoy the show!