I’m gonna be honest, Big Thirsty did not really find the Ark of the Covenant but he did eat a Popeye’s Chicken sandwich which is pretty close in terms of value and availability.

Amanda got the boot.
For real, she got a boot on her foot after suffering an apparent stress fracture which has been bothering her for weeks now.

Von was not in attendance because he thinks that family obligations and kids celebrating 13th birthdays is more important than our fried chicken before fitness podcast.

Swanson brought us some NOCCO, no-carb, no-calorie drinks. Give them a shot and see what you think.

We are all excited about Ultra Season and fall is around the corner. There are lots of good races in the Memphis area and hope that everyone will come and join along.

Also, one of LHRL’s most notorious gangsters, Crystal “Pistol” Landers is playing host to a 24-hour event in Springfield, MO on November 23-24. Join the group and check it out!