Amanda and I recently drove to Chattanooga to visit her parents. On the way, we listened to a podcast that involved two people speaking about their journey in recovery from drugs and alcohol. One of them said,

“My life began to get better when I started to realize that life is happening for me, not to me.”

I like the sound of this and I understand how nice it is to come to this realization. It is easy to inherit the role of the victim. In today’s climate, it is even easier to act as if one is a crusader against falling prey as a sheep to the machine, all the while exposing their belief that they are a victim of something.

I am either a victim of this life and its circumstances or I am a recipient of it’s gifts.

If I want to “make America great again”, I should realize that my life has never been less than great. The problem is that I often act like a petulant child and complain when I don’t get my way. If I want this country to be great, I should start by being great and appreciating it’s greatness. Anything less than this is exemplifying the characteristics of a fearful victim.

Those who cry of “being sheep” seem to be hostages of their own privilege.

Relax and enjoy. It’s going to be ok for those who want it to be.