I’m an IT guy by day, and I’ve been working in the field for almost 13 years now.  Before that I played guitar in a band.  That was awesome, but there came a point when I realized I just wasn’t good enough to make a living out of playing guitar.  Anyway, we had a pretty bad server crash at work this week and recovery didn’t really go as well as I had planned that it would.  Everything took a very quick back seat to the emergency at work.  These things happen when you’re a regular guy that can’t train twice a day 6 days a week and eat as much as you need every 2-3 hours.  Sometimes more important shit comes along and lets you know that you have bigger obligations in your life than picking up heavy stuff, putting it back down and running a long way.

So what do you do when things happen that prevent you from training?  You focus on the thing that needs your attention!  Luckily I was able to train 3 times this week.  I felt like shit though because I was mentally drained from the stress at work.  I’m use to training every morning, 5 days a week.  It really ruined my attitude.  It’s funny how when you have a great training routine down and something interrupts it, you get thrown all out of whack.

Here’s the thing, for most of us, a few days of missed training isn’t going to kill us.  Hell, we could probably miss a couple of weeks of training and really not suffer too many consequences.  As a former fat and lazy guy, I always have a little anxiety attack when I miss a day at the gym.  I’m afraid that if I miss a day or even a week that I will all of the sudden wake up and be fat again.  Life is going to get in the way of your training no matter who your are.  Most of the time, life is more important than your fitness goals.  Take care of your family and job first and then work your ass off at the gym.  It can be hard, but you aren’t going to get fat again because something else needs your attention for a week or so.  Take care of your responsibilities and then get back to the gym.  You’ll be fine.