This week on the Lift Heavy Run LongĀ® Podcast:

The Rev’s parents are moving, today, like right now…so leave work and come home and help.

Crystal “Pistol” Landers asks the Fleet Feet Running community for suggestions for a low budget shoe to help her friend that battled cancer and is trying to get fit. What she found was an outpouring of love and support.

We talk about the beautiful thing that is white bread sandwiches.

Beefcake drinks 4 liters of coke in a day-and-a-half….because it was there. (That is probably more than he has drank in four years combined)

We spend the majority of the time discussing, “What is CrossFit? What does it mean to CrossFit?”. We talk about the haters, the advocates and the indifferent. it is a fun conversation and although we don’t all share the same opinions we have a good time debating the topic.