Von says that the first day after daylight savings time is cursed and Thirsty gets the chaff. What do these things have in common? Probably nothing, which coincidentally is the same as most of our topics.

FB live was not working and Brian wanted to stream it from his computer. Wilson resists because he hates crappy audio. Von argues on behalf of Brian and ultimately wins….thereby single-handedly ruining the future of LHRL.

Von ditches FB app BUT…he is willing to give you a live webinar where he will share his secrets to becoming a millionaire, if you provide an email address and a credit card number.

Amanda and Brian run the Big River Half. Everyone is geared up for Tunnel Hill. Wilson still claims to enjoy the treadmill.

Google buys Fitbit even though Fitbit is burning folks’ arms up.

It is another great episode and we hope you enjoy it.