This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.

Is that too cheezy? Probably. But, I’m kind of a cheezer.

I pout….a lot. I have always been a pouter. From the time I can remember, I would throw huge temper tantrums whenever I didn’t get my way, or what, I thought, I “derserved”. I can think of one hundred examples of storming off of basketball courts, baseball diamonds, and football fields, simply because things weren’t going my way. I remember not speaking to friends, for days at a time, because they beat me in Techmo Bowl at Trey Belcher’s house. I have been guilty, at one time or the other, of sucking the life out of family events, team functions, church outings, and social gatherings. I really have a knack for bringing the heat to the ice cream party.

I am also terribly co-dependent. This means that I have a tendency to base my happiness on the people around me. I often let the mood of my environment dictate my feelings internally. This is, shall I say….not good.

With age, experience, and being granted new and a vastly different life, I find that my demeanor is significantly more cheerful than it used to be. I wake each day with excitement, energy, appreciation, and wonder. However, I still allow my environment to dictate the level of my happiness.

I often go from excited to angry…simply because the people around me are not as excited as I am. When I am happy, I can’t understand why the world around me is not equally as cheerful. When I am mad, I cannot fathom why everyone does not understand and sympathize with me.

Instead of using a good attitude to elevate those around me, I operate like an airbag of anger and deploy whenever people are not acting exactly the way that I would like for them to.

What’s the benefit in having a good attitude, if it turns on you the moment it doesn’t get it’s way?

Whether it’s the workplace, a playing field, or a social gathering, I want to do a better job of setting the emotional thermostat of the room in which I occupy. I want to be more helpful in raising the spirits of my co-workers, teammates, family and friends. More consistency and less expectations is how I would like to approach the day. I have every intention of raising the spirits in the environment which I am working, instead of lowering myself to the pre-existing attitude.  If we have the power to enrich the mood for those around us, it seems silly not to use it.

Everyone possesses this ability to lighten and enrich a setting….as well as detract from and smother.

High energy and a wildly optimistic attitude.

No expectations of those around me.

This little light of mine…….

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,