Not once in my life have I made it past 9 a.m. with a sack lunch. I always get hungry and eat it. Actually, I don’t always get hungry….but I do always eat it.

Why not?

I am gonna eat it anyway. There is no sense in putting it off. Who knows, I could get hit by a truck, fall into a well, or step on a landmine between 9 a.m. and lunchtime.

It’s never been a problem, though. Usually, there is someone who is willing to give me some of their food so that I don’t starve to death (which I will if I go more than 4 hours between feedings.) Growing up, it was usually a nice girl who was willing to share her food with me because she felt sorry for the fat kid with bad hair, a mustard stain on his Espirit shirt, crappy tight rolls in his poorly worn jeans, and a wicked case of chin-strap acne. Pity has fed me on many occasion.

Recently, I struck up a FB conversation with Andrew Clayton,  2017 World’s Strongest Man under 105kg. I asked Andrew if he would be willing to speak with me on a podcast. My plan was to feel him out, celebrate getting him on the schedule, and figure out what questions to ask a little later. He responded with, “Sure, let’s do it in thirty minutes. There’s no sense in waiting around and letting it turn into something it’s not.”

Wow, I thought. That’s pretty awesome. Andrew wanted to get it done. I bet he never made it to the cafeteria with his sack lunch either. I don’t think you get to be the World’s Strongest Man by waiting around until you think the world wants you to move.

I wish I approached the construction of my legacy with the same verocity that I approach my sack lunch. I would love to forego procrastination for the sake comfort and just get things done as they come down the pipe.

I am not saying that everything has to be done immediately but I am saying that I have more of a history of delaying and “putting off” than I do initiating and following through on tasks.

There seems to be primarily two kinds of people in the world: those who jump the gun and those who never get off the starting blocks. I think the successful ones are those who firmly take their position and take-off when they hear the gun fire. They are prepared to start and take when it’s time, whether they are ready or not.

I would rather false start with the intent of getting ahead than not move for fear of being disqualified or failing.




Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,



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