Dean Karnazes, ultra marathon runner and author of Ultramarathon Man said “There is magic in misery.  Just ask any runner.”

It really doesn’t matter what type of miles you run, there is magic and there is misery.  Road miles, trail miles, fast miles, slow miles, miles between obstacle course events, miles during WOD’s at your Crossfit Box, etc. You get the point.  Savor the good miles, look for magic in the miserable ones. Nothing sucks forever.

Running aside, there is magic in nearly any moment of any day and being present in those moments is the only way to notice it.  Mired in your own misery can leave you with an invisible bag over your head unable to see. Shake the bag off if you can this weekend or on your next day off and celebrate whatever magic moment you can find or create.

If you’re going through something tough right now, use this other piece of advice a good friend gave me recently: “when in doubt, focus out”.  By not focusing on the part that’s tough and finding a new focus or putting your energy to good use volunteering or helping a friend, you realize your own struggle isn’t quite as all-consuming as it seemed.  Lastly, if you need a friendly ear or a word of encouragement, I’m here for you.  Hit me up.