The charging port of the Macbook is magnetized. I figure they probably do this so that when you get frustrated and fling it on the ground or throw it at your kids you don’t break the charging port…..I dunno.

Anyways, my Macbook slid out off of the seat of my work truck and fell onto the floorboard. God only knows what is on the floor of my 12-year old, chemical carrying, fertilizer containing, fast-food disposing, truck- stop frequenting, every ethnicity, age, shape, and size of sweaty person hauling, and spare part toting work truck; let me tell you this: you don’t want to picnic off it.

I picked up my Macbook and found that the charging port had picked up a load of shrapnel from the floor. I couldn’t even get my charger to attach to the computer because there were too many metal flecks inside.

I went the surgical route. I grabbed a toothpick, a cotton swap, some tweezers, a magnet, and an air hose. I tried everything I could think of to remove the shrapnel that was contained inside my charging port. Eventually, I took a tiny metal pic like the ones that they use at the dentist’s office (except when I go to the dentist they use a jackhammer and a chop saw).

I scraped and scraped and scraped. I found that as I continued to work at it, the pic was becoming magnetized and pulling out the pieces of shrapnel with relative ease. The longer that the pic was amongst the magnetized pieces the more it took on the qualities of the magnetic.

People are a lot like shrapnel and metal. Our environment dictates our behavior, our attractions, our energy- our magnetism.

Sure, this was probably taught to me in about 4th grade but I wasn’t paying attention. I was busy trying to find the negative worlds in Super Mario Brothers…because that was important.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,