It’s always something.

It’s so frustrating.

The “Maintenance Required” light came on in Amanda’s car. It seems like just last week we had it turned off. I just changed the oil in my car. The filters, brakes, and coolant were all replaced in my parking lot sweeper. My phone needed to be re-booted, my computer restarted, my modem updated and my lights replaced. My suit needed to be laundered, our sink had to be repaired, and our swimming pool had to be adjusted. Every time I friggin blink the kids have outgrown their clothes!

There is maintenance required everywhere I look; it all chips away at my sanity. Every time I turn around, something needs fixing, replacing, added, or updated.

Of all the things that require maintaining, the one that gets serviced the least frequently is most often myself. When I find that the facts of life are becoming overly frustrating it is usally because I have eclipsed the mileage of the necessary maintenance of my spiritual condition. It is times when:

I don’t prioritize sleep.

I don’t fuel my body with proper nutrients.

I don’t exercise regularly.

I don’t pray, meditate, or take the time to inventory.

These are the signals that need to be attended. This is when the “Maintenance Required” lights should to shine the brightest, not be ignored and placed on the back burner.

I needn’t fan the flames of chaos with anxiety and unnecessary effort. I should pause, breathe deeply, meditate and find perspective.

It doesn’t have to be this difficult.

Enjoy your Monday!

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,