“I’m not much but I’m all I think about.”

Everyone has value. All people have a purpose. Each of us is useful.

Unfortunately, we are all hard-wired to be selfish as well.

I try to be conscious of making myself useful whenever possible, because, by default, I am very much the opposite. I am most useful when I have others’ in mind. I am most useless when I spend the day thinking about myself, and all the fictional situations in which I place myself.

The “feeling” of being uselessness…it doesn’t exist when being useful. Self-pity and uselessness are usually found with one another. They can often be found in the same boat as selfishness and guilt.

I have a much better chance of feeling useful if I allow myself community. Uselessness and self-pity don’t like company. Often times, the best way for me to be helpful is to allow others to give me help. Allowing someone else to be useful….that’s  being useful.

You are never useless, regardless of what you might feel.

Make use of the people around you.


Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,