My wife,¬†Amanda, is a highly attractive lady. I don’t mean that in a “She’s beautiful on the inside and out and I’m saying this because that is what you are supposed to say about your wife or else my home life will be a disaster.” I am saying this because she is undeniably good-looking.

Like most girls, Amanda likes to get dressed up for events. She likes the formal gowns, dangling earrings, and the pinning-up of her hair. She also likes to put on makeup.I have never really been a big fan of makeup but I do like feeling good and feeling confident, so I understand what a little makeup can do.

I can remember getting pep talks from my mom and dad at one-hundred different times in my life, whether it be on my way to school, going up to bat, turning in a project, going to a dance, or getting ready for a game. Whenever I think about the intimate times and the pep talks I had with my parents just prior to doing something which made me feel nervous, I relate it to Amanda putting on her makeup- it’s like applying confidence.

As a child, I always felt more confident when my parents were around. I felt as if my mom and dad were my makeup. As an adult, I feel most confident when Amanda is with me. Amanda feels most confident when she is wearing makeup. I feel most confident when I am with Amanda and she is wearing makeup.

It’s funny, I know.

Makeup is nothing short of the application of confidence and there is no one in the world who doesn’t wish to be confident and proud. I want my children to feel that same degree of confidence when I am around as opposed to a feeling of angst or trepidation because of the makeup I am offering. I hope to bring them confidence. I hope that my presence is applied like a base and from there they can match the outfit with the eyeshadow.

The company that I keep is my makeup. They help apply the confidence.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,