In elementary school, we talked a guy at our table into throwing his mashed potatoes across the cafeteria. The potatoes landed perfectly on Jeremy Wilson’s head (with the gravy still in the ladle-hole). We all laughed, Jeremy included.

In high school, I watched a guy throw an apple about fifty yards and exploded right on top of Tyler Skelton’s head. We were scared to death when the apple first made contact but Tyler was unhurt and even managed to laugh about it before the day was over.

When I was in my early twenties, I was at a keg party with a house full of people. A group of folks were playing cards when one guy shot another dude with a marshmallow gun. The marshmallow bounced softly off of his cheek and the room erupted in laughter. The victim of the marshmallow assault stood up and punched the shooter in the eye, sending him to the hospital for stitches.

Between mashed potatoes n gravy, an apple, and a marshmallow, I am not sure which object would warrant the harsher of punishments or the greater retaliation.  What I do know is that the incident had very little to do with the object and everything to do with the ego.

In matters of pride, even a marshmallow can be perceived as a deadly weapon. It’s hard to understand why people react the way that they do until someone points their marshmallow filled gun in the center of my pride.

In a world riddled with fear, everything is perceived as an attack.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,