It is not so much the medicine I need, but the poison I need not.

Over-use causes inflammation.

Sugar increases anxiety.

Sodium increases blood pressure.

Fried foods raise cholesterol.

Processed foods cause fatigue.

Hormones cause weight gain.

Alcohol leads to depression.

News media cause anger.

Anger leads to debates.

Debates lead to arguments.

Arguments lead to altercations.

Altercations lead to more altercations.

Altercations lead to violence.

Violence leads to death.

I don’t need the medicine if I don’t take the poison.

From the moment I open my eyes, I am surrounded by choices. From making my bed, brushing my teeth, going to work, what I have for breakfast, going to the gym, watching the news, and on and on and on….

So many times I make the wrong decision, the toxic choice, the one which requires medicine, the one which makes me vulnerable to unhappiness, and yet I blame the doctors, the media, the colleague,¬† the family member, or the friend. I am so busy pointing fingers and creating chaos within my own mind, that I don’t stop to think about what I could have done to avoid the negative feelings I am experiencing (I’m not talking about pausing for a second, I am talking about really taking some time to think about what I can be doing differently to avoid the same situation.)

Most of the time the solution isn’t medicine, it’s good judgement and introspection.

But, I like medicine.

Medicine is easier and requires less work.

Medicine gives me an out. I can always blame the medicine.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,