Meet the Trainers

Valerie Hunt

Valerie has been a strength and conditioning coach for 20+ years. She spent the first part of her career in a traditional gym as a personal trainer and aerobics director/teacher. In 2001 she left to open her own gym, XpressFItness, a group workout studio combining strength and endurance for runners and triathletes. Valerie became a CrossFit affiliate, BVM CrossFit in 2011.  She was introduced to the PoseMethod® in 2000, began studying under Dr. Romanov, attaining Master Coach status in 2012. In 2011 met Brian MacKenzie, learned his programming methodology and became a Head Coach for CrossFit Endurance.

Valerie has participated in endurance events ranging from 5K to ultramarathons,12 full marathons and lots of sprint to olympic triathlons and distance cycling. She has coached athletes from 1 mile to 100+ mile ultras, sprint to IM triathlons. She has also been listed as one of the area’s top running coaches from 2012-2016 in Austin Fit Magazine. Valerie enjoys coaching athletes of all ages and fitness levels.


*B.S. Kinesiology University of Texas at Austin

*CrossFit L-1

*Head Seminar Coach CrossFit PoseMethod

*L4 PoseMethod Coach

*PoseMethod Triathlon L1

*USAW L1 Coach

*CrossFit Weightlifting

*CrossFit Mobility

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