I don’t have the ability to recall information accurately. My short-term memory is virtually nil.

I once threw a single hamburger at two hungry dogs. One of the dogs snatched up the piece of patty so fast that that it was hard to tell which one had eaten the meat. They began to bark and fight; neither one knowing for certain which dog had won the prize and which one should be play the role of the victim.

I am both dogs.

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in life, and things move so quickly, that I react without having all of the information. My lack of ability to recall events with accuracy often leads me to filling in the blanks with assumptions. I don’t always know exactly what happened, but I know I need to act fast or else I might lose the argument, the event, or the piece of meat.

The people who live life with the most grace are those who have the ability to remain calm long enough to recall facts sufficiently. They are the ones who allow themselves time to process events before acting on impulse.

Slow down.

Process the information.

It might have been me who ate the meat in the first place, I just need to give it time to digest so I can feel satiated.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,