Here is a good question:

Who is your mentor?

I feel as if I have quite a few. I need a lot of help. Fortunately, there have been many people who are willing to provide the time and experience that I need to get me through different trials throughout my life.

A mentor can go by all sorts of aliases. Whether it be a friend, a sponsor, family member, boss, peer, or even subordinate, if you place your trust in them, and seek their advice, on some level, they are a mentor to you.

I receive a ton of advice, as do most of us. I listen to very little of it, because I trust very few people to help me make good decisions. The more someone tries to push their advice on me, the less willing I am to accept it. The best mentors I have seen have allowed me to make my own mistakes, but have been there to share their own experiences when I asked for help.

It has been my experience that good mentors don’t tell me what I should do, but share with me what they have done. They provide stories of the lessons that life has taught them. A good mentor doesn’t provide the answers…they provide the tools to help you find the right questions. With the right questions, I believe the right answers will rise to the surface.

Here is a better question:

Who is your mentor’s mentor?

I am weary of any person who doesn’t have the humility to know that they need help. If they have all the answers, they probably have little capacity for finding the questions. Having the answers will help you advance in the game that society has created. Having the questions allows you to create a new game.

Have fun playing the game today.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,