I’ve been setting PR’s on all of my lifts recently. I got the 3 plate back squat (315#), front squat’s going up, press is going up, just about every lift we work on is going up consistently. I’ve been off of my program for almost two months. I’ve been going to the gym and doing regular Crossfit classes just about every day during the week. I usually try to train M-F and then take off or run on the weekends. At the 15K this past weekend, I felt slow. I kind of felt like I was carrying too much weight. I guess I am. I’m around 187-188 right now. That’s pretty heavy for a guy 5′ 10″, but like I said, I’ve been getting stronger and loving it. I started thinking that I might be approaching that strength ceiling where I’m about as fast as I’m gonna get if my lifts keep going up. Then I remembered that I haven’t really been training to run at all. I ran 15K at about an 8 minute pace. That’s really not that bad considering I hadn’t really ran at all since the last 50K I did back in September. Once I get back into training, I’m sure my opinion and attitude will change…

I’m going to mix it up this year. I’m going to add a couple of triathlons to my schedule. One of them I’m sure of will be the Olympic distance Triathlon at Memphis in May out in Tunica, MS. I’m not sure how that will effect my training schedule, but we’ll see. So I’ll run the Ouachita 50 miler again in April, and hit this Triathlon in May. I’m sure I’ll need to add some swimming and biking into the mix somewhere.

Anyway, back to the gym this morning after a couple of days off resting. There was a nice tough WOD waiting for me:

I debated the Overhead Squat weight for a second…then just did it.  I was glad to be able to get through it.  It was pretty tough.  I finished in 19:40.  The only person in the AM classes to do it as prescribed.  Back at it tomorrow. 🙂