I had a great birthday/Fathers day weekend!  I ran a 5K on Saturday night.  It was the first 5K I’ve ran in quite a while.  I haven’t been running much so I didn’t know how I would do at this thing.  I ended up with a time of 21:36.  Not bad at all considering I’m not trained to be fast right now.  Here’s a great pic that someone took near the finish line.



I was pretty wiped out so I didn’t notice the skinny guy next to me at the time, but when I saw this picture I thought it was pretty cool.  Anyway, on to today’s training:

  • Back Squat 4RM; 4 x 4 @ 90%
  • EMOM 8 Minutes – 4 Handstand Pushups

Back squats felt great!  Not a PR, but I got good depth I think.  Here’s a video of the 275# 4RM.  It was tough, but I felt good about it:

Notice I’m wearing the Inov8’s instead of the lifting shoes.  The last time I got 275 for 4 I was wearing lifting shoes.  I’ve heard a lot of talk from different places that you should use lifting shoes for Oly lifts only and squat in regular shoes.  So I’m thinking of ditching the Oly shoes when I squat.  What are the thoughts out there in Lift Heavy Run Long land?

Handstand Pushups were ok, but I couldn’t get them strict.  Last time I got sets of 3 strict every minute.  This time I had to start kipping at about round 4.  Still not bad.  Then…

5 Rounds

  • 5 Deadlifts (225#)
  • 15 GHD Situps
  • 25 Double Unders

Finished in 7:43.

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