Had a nice little rest day on Saturday, and a GREAT 15 mile run early Sunday morning.  I’m feeling really strong when I run.  Better than ever, and can’t wait until September 22nd.  Anyway, back at the gym this morning…

Press 4RM; 4 x4 @ 90% of Max

Maxed out at 130lbs for 4 Reps.  Then did the 4 x 4 with 115lbs.


Every minute on the minute for 8 Minutes: 2 Jerks @ 90 %

Last week I used 130lbs.  I didn’t go for a 2RM this morning, just used 5 lbs. heavier than last week @ 135lbs.


12 Rounds

  • 5 CTB Pullups
  • 13 Wallballs

Loving these workouts.  They’re tough!  Finished this one in 13:30.  I wanted 12 minutes, but just wore down a little too much.  All in all, a good day at the gym!



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