We had a great long weekend in Chattanooga, TN.  Lots of fun with the family and great cheat food.  I had the best wings I’ve ever tasted at a place called Sticky Fingers.  I may have to order some of their rub.  Lift big, eat big, right? 🙂

Coming back to the gym Monday was a little tough, but I got myself out of bed and went.  We worked on the push press and jerks.  No big lifts to report from Monday.  The workout was this:

I only got 113 reps, but considering I was coming off vacation and 3 days of bad eating I’ll take it.  On to today (Tuesday)…

Yet another Front Squat 3 Rep Max PR!!  Let’s recap real quick.  Remember last week I was excited to get 225lbs.  The time before that I was excited to get 220, but wondered if I could have gotten 225.  Today I got 230!!  I’m really excited to see these numbers continually going up.  Today we found our 3 rep max and then did 2 sets of 5 at 90%.  Those two sets of five were SUPER heavy and really tough.  I’ll be looking for 240 next time I think! 🙂

The workout today was another good one:

I was shooting for 6 rounds, but the Toes to Bar really slowed me down after the first two rounds.  I got the overhead squats all unbroken except for round 4 when I dropped the weight after the 5th rep.  I was happy that the OH Squats felt great since I have struggled with them in the past.  I ended up with 5 complete rounds and 12 reps.  Not too bad.

I am running Wades Big Adventure here in Memphis this weekend.  It’s an 18 mile race.  I’m not planning on killing it, but I’m excited to run some distance and see how I feel running.  We’ll see.

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