The music that I hear is relative to the song that I sing to myself.

Hotel California= Addiction

Climb to Safety= Addiction

Everclear= Addiction

Are all of these songs about addiction? I have no idea. They are to me ’cause I’m an addict.

The same can be said for most any area of my life. Depending on where I am mentally, or where I want to be, the same music can bring many different messages.

My surroundings affect my attitude, my attitude affects my relationships, my relationships affect my self-worth, my self-worth affects my happiness, and my happiness affects my music. My music, my song, is with me all day- it never stops.

I have a large degree of control over what my jukebox is playing. The media I watch, the people with which  I interact, and the things I read all affect the tempo of the music and the lyrics of my song. I can make a song be about a vacation I took with my family in the morning and by that afternoon the same music will be about isolation and despair.

The record I spin internally is what creates the music I see externally. I am my own playlist. My world is my shuffle. My universe is my collection. My life is the song I choose to sing.

I am responsible my own song.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,