Alright, I am officially the Beefcake Blogger. I think there is something to this blogging thing. When Von suggest it, I thought that it sounded like a pain in the ass (because I am incredibly lazy). However, the last two days of training, I have felt more accomplished than ever before. I am a drama queen, so I only have extreme moods. Either my training sucks, is a waste of time, and I’m not going to amount to anything….which was yesterday when I was timing my 4X400’s with a 3:30 break. OR I am Fat Carl Fucking Lewis, the rising star, the next ultra competitor….which was today, as I was performing my 6X200’s with a 2minute break.

Having recently become a World Class Blogger, I spent a lot of time reflecting on my workouts, as well as how I perceive them. What I concluded was, that I don’t perceive worth a shit. I concluded that I am neither of the extremes. I concluded that I am a guy who is trying to be a little better everyday, and that is the long-short of it. Each day, little better. I needed the time spent pondering on this blog to achieve a more accurate perception of what I am doing.  I will never forget finishing my first “real” 5K (my first ever was about 6 months out of rehab…44minutes) and being frustrated at myself for not finishing in under 30 minutes (32:30). I was pissed, as usual. Von asked me, “how do you think you did compared to the other 250lb guys?”. I responded, “I didn’t see any other 250lb guys”. His retort, “Exactly…they are still on the couch, where it is comfortable.”

Perspective is one helluva thing. This first blog post helped me to achieve it, but not before I pulled muscles trying to pat myself on the back, shortly after blacking eyes by beating myself up. I need this blog, I need Coaches, and I need teammates….cause at the end of the day my brain ain’t worth a shit.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related