Nathan Henderson is the most recent member of the Lift Heavy Run Long® community to achieve the goal of running a 50 mile race while also being able to deadlift 400lbs. It is such a wonderful accomplishment and we are proud of him and for him.

Nathan had been powerlifting for over 3 years when he began running when recovering from knee surgery. He slowly became fascinated by ultramarathons and began dreaming of the possibility of combining powerlifting and distance running. He ended up competing in a powerlifting meet and a marathon (race was cut to 20 miles by race directors due to weather) on the same weekend and following it up with a 50 mile trail ultramarathon the following Saturday. He also will be graduating with his Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2022.

Squat: 462lbs
Bench Press: 265lbs
Overhead Press: 190lbs
Deadlift: 551lbs
2021 Fox Valley Marathon 20 Miles: 3:27:31
2021 Hungerford Games 50 Miles: 11:30:30