I hate needles.

I don’t really hate the whole needle, I just hate the tip.

I don’t hate the morning, I just don’t like waking up.

I don’t hate to exercise, I just don’t like getting started.

I don’t hate going to church, I just don’t like getting dressed.

I don’t hate school, I just don’t like to study.

I don’t hate going to the doctor, I just don’t like the waiting room.

I don’t hate to cook, I just don’t like cleaning up.

I don’t hate doing laundry, I just don’t like to fold.

I don’t hate the person, I just don’t agree with what he said.

Yet, my dislike for an item evolves into hate for the entire inventory. It happens quick. It’s important that I identify exactly what I am unhappy with so that I can understand what can be done differently before I decide to just lump everything into a pile of dissatisfaction.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,



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